Procedural Brick and Concrete Walls


Blueprints for creating brick and concrete walls. Options for changing brick type and colors. Pillars are automatically added or removed with adjustable spacing. The wall is sized by dragging the end point during placement. Textures are scaled automatically. Custom materials can be used by adding the included UV Scaling material function and connecting it to the UV pin of the texture. The pack contains 5 materials, UV scaling material function, and 4 meshes used in the construction of the walls.


Technical Details:

• (2) Blueprints

• (5) Materials

• (17) Textures

• (1) UV scaling material function

• (4) Meshes used in the construction of the walls.



• Wall size can be changed by simply grabbing the endpoint. End of the wall follows the endpoint adjusting to length and direction. Dragging the endpoint up increases the wall height.

• Materials scale to wall size

• Contains 3 brick patterns for the Brick wall blueprint

• Color of bricks can be changed.

• Brick walls and pillars have caps that that allow the changing of the cap material.

• Expansion grooves can be added to the walls of the Concrete blueprint by checking the box in the details panel when using the 3 includes concrete materials.

• Custom materials can be used by simply adding the included Scaling Material

Function to the UV pin on the textures in the material.



Dragonsmist Studios Copyright 2017