Procedural Graveyard Walls & Fences


Construction scripts for creating graveyard fences and walls. The Graveyard Fence construction script creates a graveyard fence with 4 different vertical bar styles to choose from, 4 styles of posts/pillars or a user supplied mesh. Post spacing can be set at 1, 2 or 3 meters. Starting and ending post can be turned on or off so corners can be constructed without duplicate posts. The graveyard fence construction script uses ray tracing to allow the fence to follow the terrain. The construct script also allows objects to be excluded so fence sections can be butted up to each other without interfering with the others ray tracing. The script has an input boxes to set the fence material, wall material and concrete material. Five materials for the fence are included: new paint, rust covered steel X 2, worn paint, and bronze patina.

The graveyard wall construction script is similar to the graveyard fence construction script in that it follows the terrain through ray tracing. The construction blueprint provides an option for 3 different wall styles: partial wall with fence top, full wall with cap and base, and rough wall. Three styles of pillar are also available. As The script has input boxes to set the fence, wall, and concrete materials.

The pack contains 2 construction scripts, 14 materials, 37 textures, a UV scaling material function, and 13 meshes used in the construction of the graveyard walls and fences .

*** Users materials can be used by adding the UV scaling material function to the material. The output of UV scaling material function is connected to the UV pin on of all the textures in the material.



Intended platform: These blueprints and assets have only been tested on the pc.



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