Warehouse Prop Pack

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The Warehouse prop pack is used to stage a ware house environment. It starts with the modular rack system composed of the rack frame, rack bar, and plywood and wire shelves. These pieces have sockets to aid in the assembly of the rack system.

To fight the tedium of placing boxes on the pallets a construction script was created. The script allows the stacking of meshes. It automatically calculates the mesh spacing by dimensions of the mesh volume. By default only the outer meshes are created, position randomness can be added along with random rotation for cylindrical meshes.

A variety of different boxes, 11 sizes ranging from 15 to 60 cm wide, 15 to 60 long, and 10 to cm high. Several different pallet styles are available along with different textures for them

Short Description:

A set of props used for filling your warehouse. A modular warehouse rack systems with plywood or wire shelving. Includes a construction script to stack boxes, pails, etc. to aid in filling pallets.


Technical Details:


1 Construction script for building stacks of boxes, pails, etc.

26 Meshes with 12 to 764 tris. 2 barrels, 2 crates, pallet truck, bucket, plywood shelf, wire rack shelf, pallet rack support, pallet rack, broom, 12 different boxes.

7 Materials and 27 Material Instances

80 Textures 512 x 512 to 2048 x 2048

1 Tutorial

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